By Thomas Barlow

So with UKIP at nearly 40% in the polls, something the governing coalition can’t manage between them, it is probably time we started talking about them properly.

Oh what’s that, we already have?  Well, let’s offer up one of those 7 point digests that BuzzFeed love so much, and pretend we’re proper journos here at RealFare. Because a lot of people have been putting out what’s hot and what’s not about these ‘BNP in Blazers’ (or Purple Tories as I like to think about them), so here’s the full UKIP dossier to help you make your Euro Election choices.

Image: The Guardian Image: The Guardian

1. UKIP are the party of the super rich

Farage is an ex-banker, funded by ex-bankers, bankrupted and bailed out business men and ex-Tory toffs who think the current coalition is too kind to the poor. Farage has decided to open his own offshore account…

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